In order to get to know the history and culture of a people we need to get to know the flavours of its cuisine, and this is fertile land for such a discovery.

The knowledge of the Santa Maria de Arouca monastery, the Santa Clara de Amarante convent and the hands of the people have handed down genuine gastronomic wonders.

Sweet chestnuts, Barrigas de Freira, Papos de Anjo, pastries, Teixeira cake, butter cake, sponge cake, and an endless number of other delicacies… The temptations are many and irresistible.

The land and pastures of this region produce meat of an exceptional quality. Bred in freedom in a traditional manner, Arouquesa veal and roast kid and lamb will delight those who try it. However, the table would not be complete without the remaining menu with the region´s traditional snacks and famous green wine.


Discover the art of good hospitality and the authentic culture of the people from these parts.

Sit at the table with centuries of tradition and take delight in the region´s cuisine and wine. Try the convent confectionary and take away unique delicacies whose flavour is rich in the culture and history of a land.


Arouquesa veal, raost kid and lamb,Alvarenga beef, sweet chestnuts, Barrigas de Freira, almond cigars, Papos de Anjo, foguetes, Brisas do Tâmega, pastries, butter cake, Teixeira cake, sponge cake, Bola de S. Bernardo, green wine.